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Ubisoft Delays Watch Dogs


The Developers of Watch Dogs have thrown a spanner in the works…

Ubisoft have announced that their not-Assassin’s-Creed hacker blockbuster Watch Dogs will be delayed until March 2014. Considering it made up a pretty prolific PlayStation 4 bundle, people are understandably angry and confused. Have they now missed out on their PlayStation 4 console? Will there be the chance to switch to something else? Will Amazon et al be able to keep up with the change in demand?

Sony has said that they’re working with their retail partners and with Ubisoft to make the transition as painless as possible for consumers, but nobody seems to have been able to comment on how this will actually affect the bundle itself. Will it be pulled entirely, with the consoles sold alone in its place? Will the consoles just be kept back until March 2014? Will Ubisoft offer up some alternative?

All of this is likely to be announced over the coming week.

Within all the confusion, nobody seems to get a solid reason for the game’s delay. Watch Dogs has been a solid release title for at least twelve months, and we’ve seen content from both next-gen and current gen iterations. Why – a month and a half ahead of its release date – has it suddenly been delayed?

I bet it has something to do with hackers. The devils!

Watch Dogs will be released in March 2014. Bundle information will be updated later this week.


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