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The strategic connection between social networks and online gaming

There is a very famous adage, “It takes two to tango” which means – for a given situation to arise it requires a push from at least two people. Much like how a success story or a disaster cannot be attributed to a single person, the popularity of online gaming among the masses cannot be attributed to the proactive strides brought in by the gaming industry alone. Part of its success has also been due to the platform that social networks have been providing for its development. With social gaming projected to make a revenue of A$25 billion by 2022 as per the hospitality and gaming network called “The Drop”, let us now see the strategic connection that exists between social networks and online gaming in detail.

Social network is the first step of success for gaming industry:

Many years ago, people came to know about the new games introduced in the gaming industry only through the advertisements published in newspapers. Nowadays, the same role of print media is being donned by the social media and more so even effectively. It should also be noted that not everyone had newspaper reading as a regular habit. So, only a very few of them were aware of the new introductions in the gaming industry back then. This is no longer the case with everyone in India.

The same individuals who considered it boring to read the news through printing media do not mind reading the same through social media in addition to commenting upon them and sharing them. It is this popularity of social media that the gaming industry is able to effectively cash in on. As per, there will be close to 258.27 million social networkers in India by 2019. It is thus needless to say that the introduction of new games by the gaming industry on social media is probably the biggest masterstroke which the former is able to successfully hatch. Already as much as 15 million Facebook users play online gaming In India as per Deepak Abbot, President –

It is thus needless to say that the introduction of new games by the gaming industry on social media is probably the biggest masterstroke which the former is able to successfully hatch. Since people are hooked to the social media and believe in the authenticity of its publications, they tend to try out the games mentioned in it in addition to sharing their experiences after playing them too. In fact, referring to them, one can even get a faint idea of how to play Rummy game, how to play Candy Crush and so on. Thus, social networking undoubtedly brings in the major boost to the gaming industry.

Social networking helps in seeking feedbacks:

The gaming industry also uses social media as a platform for getting feedback from users. The job of an online gaming company does not get over once their games are introduced through social media. In order to further enhance its popularity, they seek feedback from the users. The feedback whether they are positive or negative, both end up popularising the gaming companies. If the feedbacks are going to be totally positive, then the gaming company concerned can heave a sigh of relief.

In case the feedbacks are going to be negative, then the gaming companies can further introspect the system and see what best can be done to improve the performance thereby presenting the users with a lively gaming experience, again by asking suggestions from them. By doing so, all the negative features in the games can be removed and the users can be given exactly what they want. So, seeking feedback through social media is another effective strategy that the gaming industry meticulously follows.

Social media promote multi players gaming and increase viewership:

Before the advent of social media, video gaming was like a single player game. He needed to have a few of his friends sitting alongside him should he intend to play multiplayer games. But social media has changed the scenario entirely. You may be sitting alone and yet you can play with numerous players across the world just with the help of the platform provided by the social media. At the same time, the players can exchange their views with one another and help each other in becoming better.

As per an article published in “Big Fish,” there are 54% frequent online gamers in the world out of which 52% of gamers love playing them because it helps them connect with friends. The games such as online rummy and Chess which were once possible to play only with players across the table are now played with players across the world, thanks to the emergence of social media. People participate in many tournaments and eagerly publish their scores and winnings also in social media. These activities further increase the viewership of online gaming which in turn pushes the audience to turn gamers too.

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Overall, the usage of social media as a platform by the gaming industry has strategically intensified its progress. In fact, conversely, too it can be said that the people throng to social media with a curiosity to know what is happening in and around the gaming industry. Thus, it is clear that there exists a strategic connection between the social media and the gaming industry with both actively complementing each other in satiating the gaming appetite of people of all ages.


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