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Pokemon DLC is Unlikely for X and Y

Pokemon Y

Pokemon X and Y have been out for a short while now, and it’s no secret that the Poke-freaks out there have already managed to get through to the end. There’s no doubt whatsoever that these people would consume every single piece of Pokemon content going, so it only makes sense that there would be DLC for X and Y, right?


Art director Ken Sugimori commented on the idea of putting Pokemon up for sale via DLC, although in tearing that apart he also kind of puts a stop to any thought of story extensions as well.

The reason being, is because it’s one of things that could ‘ruin the worldview’ of Pokémon. I believe the reason we don’t simply commercialize [Pokémon], is that it’s a way of protecting the brand, and for this purpose, we have the specialty company called The Pokémon Company. Therefore, suppose we sell a Pokémon for 100 yen, then we must prepare something that is worthy of that 100 yen, along with a reasonable consent for doing so.

Funnily enough, no mention of the commercialisation that was two identical games with a handful of differently available Pokemon. I wonder how many people would be willing to buy a DLC code that unlocks Y’s Pokemon for X and vice versa? My guess would be an awful lot of people… but ultimately that would mean more of those people only buy a single copy of the game. Hmm… we’ve got off topic.

Commercialisation? Never!


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