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New NES Games Released For Nintendo Switch Online Users

If you are a subscriber to Nintendo Switch online, then you can check out four new games on the NES app today. We have details on which games are available and my opinion of them below.

The four games released for the NES app for Nintendo Switch today are NES Golf, Super Dodge Ball, Solomon’s Key, and Legend of Zelda Special Edition. Here’s what I think of each game:

NES Golf: I’ve never cared for this game. Its not any better on the NES app.

Super Dodge Ball: Horrible game. The gameplay is lame and the graphics are not that good.

Solomon’s Key: Pretty interesting so far. I look forward to playing more of this game!

Legend of Zelda Special Edition: A version of the first Zelda game with all the items unlocked, plus lots of rupees. Basically a super easy version of the game. I think this is great! I’ve never beaten the first Zelda and feel like I might be able to with all these additions. I know many won’t agree with me, but I think a super easy verison of this game is cool.

Overall, its not a great lineup this month. Two good games, two bad games. I wish we’d get some better games for this app.

Well, we have the original Metroid to look forward to next month!


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