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More Thoughts From Me #143: A Spooky Fornite Halloween

The day before Fornite…I mean…the day before Halloween! I may have mentioned it in another More Thoughts, I’ve written so many of these who knows, but Halloween is my favorite holiday. Not Christmas (I do love it), not Thanksgiving (ditto), not my birthday (a valid holiday). Halloween. Why? Well, yes, mostly because of the candy, though I love spooky stuff too. I’m having fun watching the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, I enjoyed Splatoween, and I had a lot of fun with Fornite’s Halloween mode. Let me tell you about that.

I don’t play Fornite as much as I should. I like playing single player games more than multiplayer but I do enjoy jumping into Fornite or Splatoon once and awhile. And last week, I tried out its Halloween mode: Fornitemares!

I played a couple of rounds of solo mode with Fornite and tried out the playground mode a couple of times too. I enjoyed the solo mode more, but there are neat things I want to talk about with the playground mode.

In solo mode, I jumped into Fornite’s dangerous Halloween mode where not only can other players kill you, but there are monsters that will come after you!

The monsters come out of some weird 2001 like monolith (though its purple instead of black). You can destroy the object to stop the monsters from coming. Some of the monsters are easy to destroy, while others take a bit more fire power. Don’t forget to keep a look out for other players too. I was killing some monsters at one point and some player just came along and killed me while I was distracted. Talk about rude!

Another sight that you have to see in solo or in playground mode is the vortex in the middle of the lake in the dead center of the map. The vortex is super spooky in solo mode because its night time there. You go into the vortex and fly into the air. There are pieces of hovering land masses to land on up there. Be very careful because a lot of people will be investigating this strange place.

If you want a safer way to check out Fornite Halloween, then I suggest Playground mode. While this mode is in the daytime, you’ll still be able to check out the spooky houses in Fornitemares, the vortex, and one of the coolest things I saw in Fornite’s Halloween celebration…

Look for a barren field with no grass, lots of dirt and purple glowing light coming out of the ground. While looking around this land, you’ll find purple cubes. You should eat one of them. You will instantly die and become a ghost…

Ok, you don’t die but you do become almost invisible. You are a misty purple haze that is human shaped. This only lasts for a little bit, but during the time that you are the haze, you can phase through rocks, trees, buildings and other things. Not mountains though. I tried that and it didn’t work. Still, its a pretty neat thing. I’m guessing this is available in the other modes too, but I didn’t try it there.

I did go to this barren piece of land in solo mode, but its was more populated by strange objects and other people were investigating it. I got killed right away.

Fornitemares is such a fun mode. I am going to hate to see it go. Hopefully I’ll get to try it again before its gone! Hmmm. I wonder if there will be a special mode for Thanksgiving…or a special Christmas mode!

Did you try Fornitemares? What did you think of it?

Next week: I got a Playstation 4 this week! So next week, I’ll tell you what I think of the system and the one game I got for it, Dragon Quest 11, so far.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Happy Halloween!



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