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Grand Theft Auto Online Servers Struggle Under Strain


Well, it had to be expected. Although some have managed to get into GTA Online without issue and are playing it lag-free, others are needing to wait to get into a server, with some having to hold out for over twenty minutes. Meanwhile, PlayStation 3 players don’t even have their patch. 

It had seemed that the Grand Theft Auto Online launch would be relatively struggle-free, but that’s turned out not to be entirely true. Fans are stuck at the launching screen and are taking to Twitter to complain.



In all fairness, there are very few online launches that manage to go off without a hitch, although Rockstar had been confident that they’d be able to deal with demand.

On the other side of the console war, there are people concerned that the 360 got the patch before PS3 players. Rockstar tweeted from the official GTA account that the timing of the patch was entirely down to Microsoft and Sony, so it doesn’t seem there’s any mystery to be found here. Still, some are angry that they can’t… well… sit watching the launching screen.

If you’d planned on playing Grand Theft Auto Online over the next few days, it might be worth adding a little extra time while server issues are sorted out.


The PS3 patch is now live, available to download at a little under 40MBs

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