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GAME Giving Just £3 for Kinect


Fancy trading in your dust-covered Kinect next time you visit a GAME store? It’s probably best you keep a hold of it – the biggest gaming retailer in the UK are giving just £3 credit for Microsoft’s motion sensor, or £2.30 cash. That’s less than $4.

Naturally, they’re charging much more when they resell, although it’s still a relatively good deal if you’re in the market for a Kinect. £24.99, just for the device. If you’ve been waiting to pick one up since they were £80 a unit, now seems like an ideal time. Just spare a thought for the poor individual that got fleeced at trade-in. Actually, I’d worry more about that mark-up.

Kinect Adventures is just £1.99, with a variety of other games weighing in at below £10. 

There are definitely one or two games worth picking up for the Kinect, especially if you don’t mind making a fool out of yourself, but there isn’t a huge amount that’ll last you weeks and weeks, or even days. Given that GAME are offering so little at trade-in though, the incentive to actually do so is pretty damn low.

No, if you’re looking to trade, it’s best to take it to CEX, where they’re giving £11 (or £16 credit). At least that way, when someone buys it, they know a decent percentage went to the original owner.


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