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Batman Games Updated for Steamworks, Can’t Use Old Saves


As we reported several months ago, Batman Arkham City (and Asylum) are being converted to Steamworks. The update happened tonight (next time you log into Steam, it’ll start the download), but there’s a real downside that’s likely to annoy people more than GFWL ever did.

Old saves aren’t compatible with the newly updated versions of the Batman games. Sure, there’s now no limit on the amount of times you can download and install your game, or the amount of devices that you can put it on, but the 100 hour save file you have hidden away has now gone. If you’re midway through a playthrough, it might be worth holding off on the update. Even if you can’t play without the update – and I didn’t get chance to check it out, so it could go either way – someone will probably come along at some point with some helpful trick to make them compatible.

The alternative is to start back at hour one.

Ultimately, this is a small price to pay. It might not seem it right now, especially if you had nearly finished those final few stealth missions, but in ten years time, you should still be able to download and play the Arkham games. That’s really handy, because if you lost your save, that might be how long it takes to get over it.

If you don’t have a Steam version of the game, you’ll need to try a few extra steps to get it updated and onto the Steam platform. You can read the instructions here.


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