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Batman: Arkham Origins TV Spot Released

We take a closer look at Bruce Wayne in this new TV spot for Batman: Arkham Origins,  at his childhood and at the years running up to when he became Batman. Impressive, considering the video only runs at 51 seconds.

15 seconds of that is splash screens.

It really does work though, and I can see it being an effective ad for television audiences. There’s something about it that really stands out, perhaps how unexpected it is that it’s anything to do with Batman. It actually might be one of the more stand-out ads recently.

The ad will start broadcasting on television from next week, a few days ahead of its release on Friday 25th.  There’s a mobile game that you can download as well. It’s available now, our review is coming early next week.

Arkham Origins takes place ahead of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City and is the first game in the franchise not developed by Rocksteady. Despite that, it’s been getting a lot of positive attention. Taking place around Christmas, Batman must fight off a number of deadly assassins.

It’s also the first in the series to add on a multiplayer mode, although single player fans needn’t worry. There are side missions and locations aplenty, so your exploration bug will definitely get its itch.


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