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2K Marin Hit With Layoffs, ‘Essentially’ Closed

The Bureau Screen

2K Marin, the developers behind Bioshock 2 and, most recently, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, have been struck with layoffs, according to sources speaking with Rock, Paper, Shotgun and Polygon. After contacting 2K, a representative told the following to Polygon: 

“We can confirm staff reductions at 2K Marin. While these were difficult decisions, we regularly evaluate our development efforts and have decided to reallocate creative resources. Our goal to create world-class video game titles remains unchanged.”

One ex-employee posted on Twitter about his being let go, but it remains unclear just how many people have been laid off. However, according to multiple anonymous sources the amount of layoffs are enough to effectively say that the studio is closed.  The reason behind these layoffs is also hazy, but due to the development woes 2K went through with The Bureau, followed by its poor reception and sales, the writing might have been on the wall. 

Whatever the reason, and no matter how you feel about 2K Marin’s games, it’s always unfortunate to hear about hardworking people losing their jobs. Here’s hoping those that were let go can find work again soon. 


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