White Wii U Pro Controllers Being Phased Out?

Pro Controller Phased Out

Thanks to clearance sales across various retailers, it would seem that Nintendo are stopping support for the white Pro Controller for Wii U. At only $24.99 from Best Buy, if you don’t already have one, now is the time to pick one up.

It stands to reason, considering the white Wii U is soon to become a thing of the past, that the white Pro Controller would stop being made as well, but this is bad news for people that bought the cheaper bundle early on and have not yet invested in the Xbox 360-reminiscent controller. That is unless your local Best Buy or Walmart has them in stock, in which case you’ll get a hell of a bargain. 

Even if you don’t have a Wii U, the Pro Controller can be used with PC games. It can be a little finicky to set up – at least when compared with the 360 controller itself – but works as well, and it perhaps slightly more comfortable than Microsoft’s own brand. You need a Bluetooth receiver and a copy of the program usually found at this thread (although, Coolrom is still down from the hacking).

If you’ve ever wanted a white controller and for whatever reason have yet to invest, now seems to be the time to do it. Not only is it far cheaper than the black Pro Controller (which is still $49.99), but it’s also likely to end up as quite expensive on eBay. If people start buying in bulk, it may become quite difficult to get a controller at a fair price.

Source: NeoGaf

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