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One in Seven People Bought Two Copies of Grand Theft Auto V

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A poll of people who bought Grand Theft Auto V has revealed that 14% of people actually bought two copies, with the number one reason for that being that they just couldn’t wait until their online pre-order arrived in the post. 52% of those polled had pre-ordered online.

The poll was made up of 1,123 over 18s from within the UK and was done by DeliveryQuoteCompare. 42% of the people who bought GTA V at a store despite having a copy in the post did so at a midnight launch.

Most of those polled had pre-ordered their copy of Grand Theft Auto V an average of three months ahead of release date, and nearly three quarters had their pre-order arrive on release date. One of the biggest worries was of having friends playing the game while they could not.

From the press release, a quote from Daniel Parry:

The majority of us have ordered something online and then looked forward to it being delivered. In some cases, particularly in this case with GTA V, the wait can be for months. In fact with game development fans are often anticipating the release for years beforehand and long ahead of the pre-order option becoming available. In this event it’s doubly frustrating when there’s a delay on delivery.

It just goes to highlight the importance of reliable delivery. If you’ve been waiting a long time for something, it’s easy for people to think ‘well what’s one more day’, but if you’ve been anticipating something keenly then one more day seems a long, long time. Especially so if you’ve booked it off work!


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