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Square Enix Announce “Master Thief” Special Edition for PC

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Square Enix have today announced a special “Master Thief” edition of its next-gen Thief game. The “Master Thief” pack is a PC exclusive digital bundle and contains a number of pretty cool items that any Thief fan will no doubt be excited to get their teeth into.

The pack contains a digital art book, a digital comic, the soundtrack and a bundle of in-game consumables which will boost your abilities.

The digital art book contains a collection of concept art, while the digital comic seems to actually be a bumper collection of other comics. The press release is unclear whether these have been released before. The booster pack is exclusive to the Master Thief pack, although exactly what it contains and how much of an advantage it’ll give you isn’t explained.

The Master Thief edition will also contain the Bank Heist pre-order bonus announced earlier this week. Described as a true homage to the bank mission in Thief 2, it’s apparently rather challenging and contains security measures found nowhere else in the game.

The Master Thief Special Edition will be available for purchase from February 28th 2014, from all major digital retailers. No price has been announced, although with digital-only items, you’d hope it wouldn’t be too much more than the base pack.


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