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LEGO Dimensions Beetlejuice Fun Pack Review

Tonight, my son and I cracked into the Beetlejuice Fun Pack for LEGO Dimensions thanks to my good friends at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in Canada. While the physical LEGO build itself isn’t one of the best to come out of the LEGO Dimensions lineup, the gameplay more than makes up for it. Overall, the Fun Pack comes highly recommended from us here at GamesReviews!


The LEGO Build

The LEGO build itself was pretty basic. I’ve been fairly honest in my critique of LEGO Dimensions that I prefer the actual vehicles over anything else; generally, if it isn’t a vehicle with wheels, I don’t enjoy it very much from an aesthetics, physical LEGO point of view. The big draw of the Beetlejuice Fun Pack is of course, the minifigure, which is exclusive to this pack if you are looking for it in LEGO form.

Outside of the minifgure, there isn’t a lot to get excited about in the Beetlejuice pack. Most of the other pieces are fairly generic, which generally isn’t always the case with these LEGO Dimensions sets. Often, unique pieces are a big reason for LEGO collectors to pick up these sets, but if the minifigure doesn’t appeal to you as a collector, this is probably a set you can pass on.

The Game

Beetlejuice would have really lent itself to the larger Level Packs – ala the Goonies – but it’s still fun to play around in a Beetlejuice themed Adventure World. Like all LEGO Dimensions packs, it’s full of things to do, nooks and cranies to explore, and gold bricks to find. Exploring the Deetz home is really fun, and includes a detailed attic and miniature model town which you can shrink and explore. Once you’ve become tired with the urban landscape, you can even explore the Saturn sand dunes!


The ‘vehicle’ in this set defaults to Saturn’s Sandworm when you first play, but it can be changed – like all LEGO Dimensions sets – into two other variants: the Haunted Vacuum, and a Spooky Spider! All three are fun to play in game, although as per the usual, I left the actual LEGO set in its native form.

The music is also really well done, and although it doesn’t really quite replicate the real thing from the movie, it still sets the scene nicely for the gameplay.


The characters abilities are pretty varied, and is a nice compliment to any of the other characters you might bring into your adventures. Whenever you are running around with the Beetlejuice character, you will be able to perform mind control, telekinesis, and a spike attack.


For the LEGO pieces alone, it’s hard to recommend the Beetlejuice Fun Pack as it is missing unique pieces that make most of the other LEGO Dimensions sets worth picking up, regardless of whether you play the game or not. Fortunately, the gameplay elements more than make up for the lackluster set; exploring the Deetz  residence was really fun, and if you are a Beetlejuice fan, seeking out all the subtle nods to the movie also extended my time in this world.

Overall, the Beetlejuice Fun Pack is recommended by us! Head out to your nearest retailer and grab yours today!


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