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Grand Theft Auto V Becomes Highest Rated Game This Gen


Although it’s early days yet and this is subject to change over the coming days, weeks and months, Grand Theft Auto V is currently the highest rated game this generation on Xbox 360, matched only by Grand Theft Auto IV. On PS3, it is the second best game, beat by its predecessor.

With an astonishing 98 on the Xbox 360 version on Metacritic, this makes Grand Theft Auto V a critic favourite for the time since this generation started in 2006. 

The PlayStation 3 version of the game is slightly less impressive than the 360 version, with enough terrible problems, glitches and annoyances to drop its score by a single point. More realistically, that says more about 100-point rating systems and average score than it does about GTA V and it’s fair to presume that both games share almost identical positives and negatives. As of writing, the PS3 version is the second best rated game on that system, beating The Last of Us by three points and Bioshock Infinite by four. The best rated is Grand Theft Auto IV.

On Xbox 360, however, GTA V has quickly taken the top spot, beating out GTA IV by a technicality despite sharing the same score (perhaps something to do with user score?). This puts it two points ahead of both the original Bioshock, Mass Effect 2, Skyrim and The Orange Box. 

As of writing, there are 37 reviews for the 360 version and 25 for the PS3 version. This may explain the slight discrepancy in score, and it’ll be interesting to see if that single point is made up as more reviews are added to the PS3 version. If it continues to get 10/10 scores on Metacritic, it will soon become the best rated game ever made, a point Rockstar fans will no doubt cherish.


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