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Buy Grand Theft Auto V Today… For £70


It’s only a few days until Grand Theft Auto V is released on the world, and people are hungry to get their mitts on it. Perhaps the biggest financial indicator of that is the fact that CEX have copies that you can buy and play right now, but you’ll need to pay £70 for the honour.

A little over 24 hours before the midnight launch of Grand Theft Auto V and that time is apparently worth £30 over the RRP for people. This means that some people have already received their copies and traded them in, no surprise considering CEX – who don’t sell any new games – are offering £51 a copy. In short, if you’re quick, you might end up earning on Amazon’s early shipment. That’s if you can tear yourself away from it, that is.

CEX also have the special edition for purchase on their website, although it’s currently unavailable. They’ll give £80 cash or £88 credit for anybody willing to trade their’s in though, not quite the profit of the regular edition.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the biggest games of the year. Some have been playing for days via torrents, and a series of leaks have happened as a result. In the last few days, copies from online retailers have started showing up. CEX update their stock list on the fly, so if you want to know if there are copies in your area, check WeBuy.Com.


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