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Beyond Two Souls Demo Available with Early Access


If you just can’t wait for the next big title from the people behind Heavy Rain, there’s some great news for you today. Quantic Dream’s Beyond Two Souls has an early access demo, and you can reach it via GameStop’s Facebook page. There are some downsides, but if you live in the US and are lucky enough to grab a code before they run out, you’ll be amongst the first to see where David Cage and pals are pushing in early October.

Just to reiterate this little caveat: this is currently only available to people within the US. Technically, it means anybody with a US account, but there’s no guarantees from us that you’ll be able to get one if you’re outside the US. Give it a shot.

Beyond Two Souls stars Ellen Page and Willem Defoe, and apparently cost only a little over $20 million to make. Compare that to the $200+ million plus it cost to bring Grand Theft Auto to the market. It releases officially in the second week of October, so don’t worry too much if you can’t get ahold of a code, or if you don’t have a US PSN account.

No word as of yet if a similar deal will be offered to EU residents, although due to how many territories there are it seems more likely that it’ll just get released via PS+. 


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