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Wii Fit “Saved” Man’s Life

Wii Fit

It isn’t often that you hear how video games can positively impact on your life, because that doesn’t sell to the anti-everything crowd. Here’s a story that’s positively heart warming, and one that could and should serve as an inspiration to countless others. Nintendo’s Wii Fit has often been used as a joke amongst the hardcore crowd, but the proof is out there that it works, and that it works well.

Yondy604 was a man with problems. His weight – 336 pounds, not far from double the recommended weight for someone well over six foot – had given way to a variety of conditions that were seriously impacting his happiness and his health. He knew this and had tried dieting, but with little to no change. His luck turned around when he visited a friend and came across something he might have never expected.

I went to my friends house one day and noticed she was using a wii-fit, I laughed it off saying it’s dumb of course, but she told me to give a try (i assumed i would snap the thing in half).

Crazy part is?, It maybe saved my life. I lost a total of roughly 90/100ish pounds using it, mostly from the addicting mini games it had.

Over the space of a year, Yondy worked through each of the “addictive” mini-games within the collection, and ended up losing close to 100 pounds – almost a third of his original body weight. He completely credits the Wii Fit and the way it assisted him in not only keeping track of his weight, but in giving him exercises to do and a regular incentive to keep on keeping on.

If you want any advice from a guy who got through the hurdle, all I can say is don’t rush, go at it 1 week at a time, the first time you weight in, you will have all the motivation right there.

i weight about 240ish now, and most of my medical problems are behind me, except a screwed up back from gaming to much. lol

The biggest hurdle in losing weight, often, is not realizing just how much you’re eating, and how certain things – fat and salt – can build up over a 24 hour period. Using Wii Fit or one of the many iPhone apps can be a great way of starting that, and from there, like Yondy demonstrates, it’s just hard work and determination.


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