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Minecraft Coming to PlayStation Consoles

Minecraft PlayStation 4

Minecraft was a pretty prominent announcement for the Xbox One at E3. You only have to look at the sales figures to see that people are willing to buy the indie hit wherever it lands, and a version for next-gen consoles will be a must for many. It won’t only be coming to Xbox One though, as tonight Sony announced Minecraft PS4.

Nothing else was said, no footage was shown – Sony said it would be coming to the platform at launch, and that’s about it. You can expect the usual though – massive creativity, a world in which to build everything you can imagine, highly stylized but strangely addictive visual style and a bunch of creepers.

Minecraft has currently sold over ten million units, and there’s a good chance that number is going to massively increase again with a next-gen version available, at launch, on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This is the first time Minecraft has appeared on a PlayStation console, although Notch has also since confirmed that the PlayStation 3 and Vita will be getting a version as well. We know even less about those ports, not even if they’ll be out before, after or at the same time as the next-gen versions.


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