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Humble Bundle Crosses $3 Million, Second most successful bundle after One Day

Humble Origin Bundle

The Humble Origin Bundle is rapidly breaking all Humble Bundle records, and with the best part of two weeks left to go will no doubt end up as the Bundle to beat. It this morning crossed the $3 million mark, contributed by almost 700,000 purchasers. It’s still going up at around ten people every second.

The most successful Humble Bundle of all time was the THQ bundle, which sold to a little less than 900,000 people. The THQ bundle contained almost all of their most successful games, and was an attempt by the publisher to make back a little money ahead of their closure. EA’s bundle looks set to completely destroy that one, and with all the proceeds going to charity, it’s a definite must-purchase.

If you haven’t yet picked up The Humble Origin Bundle – and the statistics seem to imply that you probably have – it’s the cheapest possible way of getting Dead Space 3, Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield 3, Medal of Honor and many others. More games are likely to be added in the second week, so don’t expect the sales to slow down any time soon.

Funnily enough, it looks like the people behind Humble Bundle will need to add an extra figure to their purchase counter. The Humble Origin Bundle may just be the first one to sell past a million units.


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