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Trials Evolution Broken for Some Nvidia Users, No Fix Announced

Trials Evolution - Broken

If you’re a Trials fan who has yet to buy the rather excellent Trials Evolution, and if you’re sporting a Nvidia graphics cards, you might want to hold off for a little while longer. The latest graphics drivers don’t much like the motorbike-based bone breaking sim, with plenty of people claiming they can’t even boot it up.

That the latest official drivers aren’t getting on with a game is a by-product of updating, and it can sometimes take a few days or even weeks for everything to balance out. That doesn’t seem to be the case here though. For nearly a week, various users have been complaining on the Trials Evolution Steam forums and, so far, Red Lynx employees have offered only simple suggestions (reinstall, that sort of thing) or have ignored the issue entirely. One of the stickies suggests rolling back your drivers, a pretty annoying step if you like to play Trials alongside other games that have benefited from the update.

Although Nvidia fans seem the most likely to have trouble with Trials Evolution, some ATI/AMD users have complains as well, although those might be linked to wider porting issues. There are still frame rate problems when actually loading a new level as well.

Other users have complained about Trials 2 Gold Edition keys, and there not working on uPlay. Although it’s tough to know whether all of those complaining have attempted to get a refund or a new key through the official channels, there’s certainly a lot of people complaining.


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