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Star Wars: Battlefront Delayed?


Isn’t it always great when a game with no release date ends up being delayed? It basically boils down to something that could have been available at any time suddenly being released at a different, more distant time. It doesn’t mean anything in real terms, but sounds awful to the fans who’re desperate to check it out. This seems to have happened with DICE and Star Wars: Battlefront. 

Battlefront was always going to release in 2015 – right alongside Star Wars: Episode VII for maximum impact. There are Star Wars fans that would lap it up if it released today, in pre-alpha form, and they’d be happy for the chance, but in a year and a half a whole new generation of people will be hungry for Star Wars media, and that includes the latest game.

During an investor meeting last year, it was hinted that Battlefront would make it to a Summer 2015 release, but new information from an unnamed source at SWTOR Strategies says that it’s been pushed back into late 2015 or even early 2016. That almost sounds like they’ve been given a “Winter” release date by their source. If Battlefront slips any more than that, it’s going to lose the advantage of Episode VII, so hopefully this rumour is the last we ever hear of DICE and delays.


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