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PlayStation Summer Sale Coming Soon

PlayStation Summer Sale

A representative of Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation summer sale will be unveiled very shortly. Next week, in fact, although the sale itself may begin a little later.

If you’ve been suffering from a bit of a withdrawal since the Steam sale ended earlier this week, there’s a silver lining. The PlayStation summer sale will no doubt offer some of the best games on the PlayStation platform at a ridiculously good price. Although nothing ever drops as far as it might on PC, there’s always one or two things that are worth picking up.

In the comment section of the PlayStation blog, Jawad Ashraf confirmed that there would be more information coming next week. Sony fans seem hungry for their sale to begin – especially as we get further and further through the summer months.

Last year’s PlayStation summer sale began on July 31st and ran for a little less than a week. They had a variety of different titles on offer, plus seven special deals, one daily. There’s a good chance they’ll do a similar thing this year. The deals included LA Noire at 50% off, although that still ended up coming in at a little under £20. 

We’ll bring you confirmation of when the sale starts as soon as it’s announced.


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