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PlayStation App Updated


Regular users of the Official PlayStation App will be happy to know that it has received a brand new update on both iOS and Android. Although the update doesn’t seem to contain any new features, it’s nice to see that Sony are managing to keep up with managing both devices simultaneously, and alongside updates for the PlayStation 4.

The update was released earlier today and the only item in the changelog said that “Stability during use of some features [had] been improved.” Which is by no means a bad thing, as it tends to run a little shakily at times.

Before anybody complains about Sony using resources to manage their app instead of fixing actual problems with their console, it’s important to note that it seems they’re being handled by at least two separate teams. The Reddit user who has been verified by the mods as a Sony employee that we wrote about the other day said as much in one of his comments, and it’s hard to realistically think of a reason why Sony would take resources from the PS4 to work on the app instead. It makes far more sense for there to be different workloads.

Major updates will probably come along future PlayStation 4 features, so you’ll need to wait for the end of the year if you’re desperate to see what your app will do next.


One important change has come to the iOS version of the app: people are reporting that music will no longer cut off when you login to check your messages or trophies. An odd design choice and one that everybody who uses the app will be glad to see fixed.


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