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PS1 and PS2 Games Will Come to Gaikai

Gaikai - PS1 and PS2 Games

Sony have by and large been quiet on Gaikai. It exists and will stream games – only PS3 games have been expressly confirmed so far – but that’s about it. Which games, how you’ll access them, if you’ll need to pay again if you already own said game and whether it’ll be a service exclusively for PS3 games has yet to be answered. Until today. Sony have today confirmed that legacy PlayStation titles will hopefully be making their way to the Gaikai service on PlayStation 4 some time after launch.

This was confirmed in a PlayStation Access video released on the PlayStation Blog earlier today. Skip forward to around the 3:15 mark to hear the confirmation. Although nothing is really specified – even what counts as legacy – it’s fair to say that if it were just PS3 games, they’d have continued to just use the phrase “PS3 games.” 

This isn’t surprising at all, as Gaikai was always going to be a service meant for backwards compatibility, and it will be easy enough to get PS1, PS2 and even PSP and Vita games working on the service, across PS4, mobile devices and more or less anything else you want to play games on. Without confirmation though, it seemed like Sony had shifted focus to their most recent console device only, and that would have meant a lot of classic, quality titles unavailable on the PS4.

It’d be nice to think that, once a catalogue of streaming PS3 titles has been built, they’ll start moving backwards through their catalogue, and release a few older classics.


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