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Film producer gets trolled by Super Meat Boy creators

Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, also known as Team Meat, creators of the indie game Super Meat Boy, were contacted by a Film Producer looking to make a movie based on the 2010 platformer. They recorded the conversation and uploaded it for our viewing pleasure.


The unnamed producer didn’t beat about the bush and quickly brought up the money side of things, requesting $4000 upfront and a further $8000 during the ‘2nd stage’ of development with a promise of a $8000 return should a script be finalized.

Team Meat were obviously suspicious of this guy (especially after calling the game ‘Super Meat Head’), and it soon became clear this guy had no clue what he was talking about particularly when it comes to the gaming industry. Claiming to have ties with big names in the movie industry such as the writer of Gremlins, the 2 indie devs smelled a con in the making. He even went so far to request to see a receipt from Microsoft showing up-to-date sales of Super Meat Boy. Instead of cutting him loose straight away however the guys decide to string him along for almost an hour of complete trolling.

During the 50 minute drilling Edmund & Tommy told lies which any person with any shred of interest in the gaming world would instantly see through.

When asked what kind of film they would like to see Meat Boy starring in, Tommy suggests a “gaming movie with controllers, make the audience believe it’s actually working, but it’s really not, it’s just an illusion, it’s a huge scam.

Cameron Diaz got requested to play the lead role too.

Edmund takes it even further when the subject changes to the Xbox One

Kinect watches you. The military won’t allow soldiers to own the Xbox One because of possible spying. It broadcasts livestreams to Twitch instantly, we’re not developing for it cos it’s evil. It goes into child pornography realm… seriously.

The producers’ ignorance becomes even more apparent when the lads convince him that Steam is small time, Direct2Drive was the driving force behind Super Meat Boy and that D2D is in fact owned by Rubert Murdoch.

Other trolling treasures during the recorded conversation includes Mario being modelled on Mario Von Swinson, Art backwards is Car and Gremlins is like Roger Rabbit, oh and that their manager was, in fact, in Abba.

The phone call ends with the Producer still convinced that the film is on track and that follow-up emails will get the ball rolling.

Watch the full, comical conversation in the embedded video below.


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