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Duke Nukem Classics Coming to Steam

Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem may be making another leap towards Steam. Although Duke Nukem 3D and Forever are both available to download via Valve’s digital distribution service, there are now entries in the SteamDB for Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem 2 and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. If you want to kick ass and chew gum across a variety of games (but are all out of gum), the chance will be coming soon.

The first two Duke Nukems are far flung from what the series became. They’re both basically straight up PC platformers, with hardly any boobs or kick-ass quotables at all. As they were released at the beginning of the 90s, and as shareware as well, many more modern Duke fans might find these games a little hard going. 

The Manhattan Project was a modern attempt at bringing Duke back to the platform genre. It was relatively well received, scoring between 7-8 almost everywhere that covered it. This one stars the modern Duke, the Duke with an answer for everything.

Of course, Duke Nukem 3D (under the title Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition) and Duke Nukem Forever are currently available on the service. 3D is a shooter  classic although it hasn’t aged especially well. Forever was one of the best games ever made, instantly satisfying critics and fans with its ground breaking depiction of tolerance and understanding. 

Although there’s been no official word as of yet, and no release date is mentioned in the SteamDB files, the Duke Nukem Bundle, as well as the individual games, should be available for purchase very, very soon. If you can’t wait, the Serious Sam Collection will be available on 360 at the beginning of next month.


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