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PS4 User Interface Revealed

Although we got small glimpses of it during both Sony conferences this year, PlayStation have released a video truly showcasing the abilities of the PS4’s user interface. From speaking with friends to purchasing new games, if there were any questions you have about some of the new social features offered by Sony’s next-gen console, they’ll likely be answered across this three and a half minute reveal.

It seems things are a lot smoother this time around. With many of the biggest features build specifically into the OS (instead of added later, as was the case for text chat and many other aspects of the PS3), you’ll find sending messages faster and easier. The new mouse-like keyboard system is going to feel like a miracle after 7 years of inputting review codes on the old system and anything that makes getting into games with friends easier absolutely can’t be a bad thing.

This video actually leaked a few weeks ago, so if you’ve already seen it nothing has changed. Still, now that it’s official PlayStation fans know for certain that they’ve got a whole new set of things to look forward to at release.



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