PlayStation 4 Release Date Revealed in The Sun


The Sun apparently has a full page advert for the PlayStation 4 today (as found by BehindGames), an advert which announced that you’ll be able to get your hands on Sony’s next console from November 21st. This is a Thursday, which is an odd day to release in the UK, but an advert in a national paper is far from an unreliable source, given that Sony will have at least approved, and probably created the ad themselves.

The answer to the PS3 game question is the only thing here that has me questioning the authenticity of this ad. This is a feature that I’m sure won’t be in the PS4 until next year, so it seems a little early to be counting that as a feature. Aside from that, everything else seems to tie in with Sony’s current PR strategy.

We’ve reached out to The Sun for clarification and will update as and when we find out more.


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