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New Super Luigi U Released Today


You may have heard that 2013 is the year of Luigi. Mario’s bumbling brother has been forced to the forefront, first in March’s Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and, today, in New Super Luigi U. The first piece of DLC for New Super Mario Brothers U, New Super Luigi U is a full game conversion/expansion that gives fans of the game a whole new platforming experience within the same game. With Luigi’s unique skills and few more challenging levels (and a harsher time limit), this is no doubt a must-buy for those that loved the original base game.

You’ll be able to buy New Super Luigi U from the Wii U store today. You’ll need the base game and you’ll need to update it as well, so if you’re planning to buy and play Luigi U today, you’ll want to give yourself enough time to download the pack and the update. The pack costs £17.99, which isn’t too bad when you factor in just how much new content you’re getting.

If you don’t fancy the download version, you’ll be able to buy the pack as a standalone game from retail stores July 26th.



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