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Mario Maker leaked from Nintendo’s E3?

MarioMaker-E3 Leak

The big three – Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony – do their best to keep all their E3 announcements as close to the vest as possible. The end goal: have as few leaked announcements as possible.  Unfortunately, it appears as if at least one Nintendo title has been spoiled.  

A leaked photo of Nintendo’s E3 booth has begun to make its rounds on the Internet; I originally saw it via Polygon.  The picture appears to be an E3 both for this upcoming week’s expo.  The photo is rather typical of what an E3 booth should look like. However, a huge banner is what has been causing rumors to spread.  The title of the banner: Mario Maker.

 Although it is just a rumor, it seems to be very promising.  Mario Maker appears to be a game that allows players to create their own Mario levels. The picture shows a hand holding a stylus, making changes to a Mario themed level.  There does not seem to be any indication what system this is for, but perhaps this could be the first Nintendo title to make its way to both systems.

E3 should be interesting if this is any indication.  Games Reviews own Mat Growcott liked the idea of a Mario Maker game, but hoped it would be more in the vein of Little Big Planet rather then just a Mario level editor. Personally, I have no idea what to expect from a title like this.  ‘Like Mat, I agree that it would need to be more robust then a simple Mario level editor, unless it gets released as a cheap eShop title.

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