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Natsume’s Harvest Moon Getting New Title(s)


Natsume, the company behind the Harvest Moon series which has graced numerous platforms, announced that they would be showing off three new Nintendo titles at E3.  Little more was said, with no hints at whether or not these would be for 3DS or Wii U, or whether these were new franchises or not.  Either way, a new Harvest Moon game would be very welcome!  CeeCee, Community Manager at Natsume had this to say, 

“We’re saving a few secrets for closer to the show, but expect not one, not two, but THREE new Nintendo titles we’ll be announcing leading up to and at the show.  This doesn’t include any classic eShop titles (and we’ll have some news on those as well). Will they be 3DS, Wii U, or a mix of the two, you ask? You’ll have to tune in from now until June 10th to find out!”

It would be great to get titles that connect with each other in some interesting way.  Since Harvest Moon has been on Nintendo consoles and handhelds in the past, this would not be unthinkable.

Natsume’s announcements are not limited to just Harvest Moon.  Many believe that Natsume may also release another title in their Real Fishing franchise.


This article was originally crafted prior to this most recent announcement.  Natsume announced today the first of their three titles which will appear on Nintendo platforms.  Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley will launch on 3DS later this year.  More details on this title will be made available at E3 2014.



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