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Minecraft sells 10 million on mobile

Daniel Kaplan from Mojang Games, developer of the immensely popular Minecraft, today tweeted the sales figures for all 3 platforms the game resides on. Not surprisingly PC leads the pack with 11 million units sold while Xbox 360 pulls in 7 million sales (Daniel didn’t elaborate further as to whether Xbox sales were from digital, disc or a combination of both).


The biggest surprise however is that 10 million players are playing it on their mobile. I can only assume the majority of those gamers are veterans that simply want to take Minecraft with the them on the move, but it’s still an interesting insight into the state of mobile gaming and how it is progressing. While the mobile version lacks some of the more robust features from PC version, it’s still a great alternative.

Nevertheless, a combined sales of 27 million units is extremely impressive for an indie game competing in a market dominated by high-end graphics and big-budget titles.


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