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Grand Theft Auto V Coming to PS4


The best kept secret ever? Sony have announced that Grand Theft Auto V will be coming to PlayStation 4 in Autumn. Although the port apparently contains a host of extras and enhancements, these weren’t specified during the announcement. Expect further information directly from Rockstar between now and release.

For those of you who’ve already finished the single player, there might not be a huge amount of reasons to upgrade. One things Rockstar are offering is that you’ll be able to continue with your online progress when you switch to the newer version. That’s got to be good news for fans that have already spent hundreds of hours invested in the faux-MMO.

Other than that, it’s bound to be the same great game it always was. The already impressive visuals will be smoother, the framerate more stable. This will help benefit almost every other aspect of the game, and that’s just from what we know about the upgrade already. 

Grand Theft Auto V is the story of three criminals trying to make one last big score. Although it was obviously not mentioned during the Sony presser, it’s likely that it’ll be available on Xbox One and PC at the same time, in the Fall.


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