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Bethesda at E3? Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

I’m always excited about what Bethesda is going to do – I know what I’m getting when I play a Bethesda game, and unlike some other companies – Lionhead, I’m looking at you – the company isn’t really known for over promising and under delivering. So of all the conferences at this years E3, this one had me really excited.


For the record, Bethesda did announce some really great stuff, although some of it was already leaked long before the presentation. I’m excited for a reboot of Skyrim on the Xbox One and PS4, but honestly, it really isn’t something I get out of my chair about! However, a few of the announcements did get me excited.

Dishonored 2

Dishonored really was a great game, even if it did not get as much love as the Skyrim or Fallout series’. We finally have a release date for the second title in the series, November 11, 2016. The company also showed off some great game play, highlighting a time warp device that seems like it might factor in majorly during the games story.

Overall, my excitement for Dishonored 2 is pretty high, and I’m looking forward to playing it this holiday season!

Bethesda and VR

Not surprisingly, Bethesda is getting into the VR game, but now we know exactly which titles they are porting over. Available in the near future on the HTV Vive (next year), fans will be able to play both Fallout and Doom! This is really exciting news, but I’m always a fan of new experiences, not recreations of old titles. Regardless, both games will probably be fantastic to play in VR, and we can now only hope for an Elder Scrolls experiance using the new technology!

Other Exciting Items

Bethesda spent time highlighting Quake Champions, speaking about changes to Fallout Shelter, and there new Elder Scrolls collectible card game. It all looks great, but waiting for details is what’s really going to rile some people up. Sure, we got to see a lot of cool stuff, but outside a definite date for Dishonored 2, there wasn’t a lot of hope of seeing anything else in 2016.

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