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Amazon UK Now Selling Digital Titles

Amazon Uk Digital

Amazon UK have subtly added the ability to buy digital titles from their store. This is an expected development, but one that seems to have been embraced with little to no hype or excitement. Their current best-selling PC title is Hitman Absolution, which is going for £29.99, so don’t expect this to be as strong as several of the Amazon US sales of recent months, and certainly not any time soon. The service is still in beta, and even the description of what a beta is isn’t actually working.

In fact, part of the reason that Amazon UK haven’t made a big deal about this yet is that it seems far from finished. On the free-to-play digital section of their website, they display disk-based games like Total War Rome II and Company of Heroes 2. For this reason and this reason alone, it’s probably not worth buying anything until the service has been polished up a little.

Although digital sales are available via Amazon in other places in Europe, this is the first time we’ve actually had a store here for the UK. With any luck, that might mean the end of having to place Google HQ into the address field at Amazon US, but more likely it just means that we’ll have more reason to be jealous of those “gold” deals.

For now, take Amazon UK’s first attempts at digital as a look at a work in progress, and wait on the official word a little bit further down the line.


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