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The Sims 4 unveiled

EA and Maxis unveiled The Sims 4, a new game in the massively successful Sims franchise. They were quick to confirm that this would, indeed, be offline and that the mistakes made by the SimCity release have been well learnt from.

Although announced earlier in the day, a second post was released later that went into a little more detail. This time around, the Sims you have under your control will be much more central to the Sims experience. Your individual Sims will now be more important than ever, and new tools give you more customization options than ever before.

A set of hardcore Sims fans got access to the development team and will be helping sculpt the direction of the game over its development period. This is good news for those that struggled with the DLC-fest that was The Sims 3.

The Sims 4 will be available in 2014. Expect more information over the coming year.


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