Saints Row IV: Free “Commander In Chief” Edition Announced – The World NEEDS You!

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What’s the one thing that would make the Saints Row IV experience complete? I’m pretty sure the answer to that is in the picture above. A novelty Uncle Sam costume, a Screaming Eagle plane (the talons on which double as rocket launchers) and the ‘merica gun, which is actually just a bunch of guns duct taped together with something resembling the US flag. The Commander in Chief Edition of the game is actually just a series of pre-order bonuses, all part of a free upgrade for early adopters, but boy do these bonuses fit the game.

Saints Row IV has you take on the role of the President of the US who must defend his nation and the world from a invading race of aliens. He’ll do this by using kick-ass superpowers and massive weapons in the Saints Row over-the-top style that the series is best know for. It’ll be available August 20th.

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