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Rise of the Triad coming soon to digital stores, 1995/2013 cover comparison


The comparison between the covers of Rise of the Triad Dark War and Rise of the Traid 2013 are incredibly similar, but serve as an interesting marker on how gaming has changed over the last twenty years. Whether you’re looking at the difference between art styles – that the ’95 one was a replacement for actual in-game graphics – or if it’s as simple as the zip on Thi’s top being in a sightly higher position on the 2013 version of the cover. Either way, the reboot of the shareware classic is well on its way.

Apogee today announced that Rise of the Triad would be coming to Steam, GoG and Green Man Gaming. Alongside the main campaign – in which you choose from one of five different characters, each with different skills and abilities – there will also be a multiplayer mode which will allow you play with anybody else, regardless of where you bought it (which is as it should be…).

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