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New Mario Kart Video Displays Crazy Upside Down Racing


Nintendo succeeded in impressing an awful lot of people with Mario Kart 8. Not only does the gameplay look strong and original, but the addition of a bonus digital title with every purchase makes it a bargain on any level. Not to waste even a small part of that excitement, they’ve today released a brand new video showcasing the biggest change coming to the franchise: anti-gravity racing.

Drivers aren’t just limited to driving upside down and on walls, either. If you enter an anti-grav segment, hitting other drivers will give you a speed boost. Tactically using this feature will give you a decent hand in racing to first place.

It looks like it’s been a pretty major part of designing the new courses, and so time trialers and multiplayer addicts will need to get a hang of things sooner rather than later if they want to be amongst those able to compete early on. It shouldn’t be too hard to handle – Nintendo are more than capable of doing a feature that’s easy to get to grips with but difficult to master – but there will almost certainly be a learning curve for those who want to make it to the top.

Mario Kart 8 is rapidly chasing towards the finish line – it’ll be available at the end of this month.


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