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Metal Gear Revengeance Permanently Reduced on Digital Stores


Konami have today announced the adjustment on the price of Metal Gear Solid Revengeance and some of the DLC on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The discount will be permanent, meaning that those that have yet to dip into the slash-fest have no reason to rush to the digital stores.

On both consoles, Revengeance will be available for £19.99. Clothing DLC – the Commando Armour, Inferno Armour and White Armour packs – will be available for £1.19 on PlayStation 3 and £1.29 on Xbox 360. The Cyborg Ninja body is available for £1.99 on either store. There’s been no discount on the main expansion packs.

For those that have had PlayStation Plus for longer than a few months, Revengeance was free late last year, just before the launch of the PlayStation 4. If you’re playing on Xbox 360 or don’t subscribe to Plus (or didn’t), there are easier ways of getting Revengeance. Amazon have it from £13 brand new, while CEX are offering it on either console for a tenner. While the high price is a result of companies not wanting to outdo itself, the important thing to think of is that this’ll take 75% off sales to £5. The full price might be too much, but wait until it hits the Christmas sales and it’ll be a hard-to-resist bargain.

In other Metal Gear news, all versions of Ground Zeroes were today updated with a bonus level for free.


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