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Hail to the Motherf***ing Chief – Saints Row 4 Puts Power to the President

In a new trailer released for Saints Row 4, Deep Silver and Voliton unveiled what could be an exciting twist for the franchise. You’ll play as the president of the US, and will use your crazy kick-ass powers to save the planet from an evil alien invasion. There was a time when the Saints Row series was a GTA clone, albeit one full of potential. Those days are well and truly gone.

The trailer shows a series of the new moves available to you and hints at some of the missions you’ll have to do. If your favourite part of Infamous was blowing up civilians with crazy electrified powers, you may not be able to resist the over-the-top action of Saints Row 4. Older fans seem less impressed – there are 100 likes and 50 dislikes on Youtube for this video – but only time will tell how successful this new, slightly crazier direction will prove.


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