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Free Godzilla Game is Surprisingly Good


Excited for the new Godzilla film but disappointed that there’s not a video game tie-in to keep you going till the movie is released? Well, actually there is. Godzilla: Strike Zone is absolutely free, playable in web browsers and on smart phones, and it’s actually surprisingly good.

There’s a lot of negative buzz words there. Free? Smartphone? Browser? In the average gamer’s lexicon, all of these terms mean something that’s fairly shoddy. Still, don’t let that stop you checking out Godzilla. First you’ll need to drop from an aeroplane onto the streets of a city being torn apart by the titular nuclear dinosaur. Once there you’ll find yourself jumping from building to building, escaping from falling debris and saving trapped citizens. The gun in your hand is practically useless, but the PS2-era graphics and style of exploration is definitely a blast from the past.

It’s the soundtrack that really stands out though. The developers have done a great job of mixing a backdrop that puts you right into the action. Godzilla has never felt closer.

Godzilla: Strike Zone takes only about fifteen minutes to complete, but if you’re looking forward to the film you’ll want to check it out. It’s a nice teaser for one of the biggest movies of the year.


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