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Theatrhythm Curtain Call Coming Westward


It was practically a foregone conclusion, but the hardest to spell game since Metal Gear Solid Revengeance is coming to the US and EU last this year. Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Curtain Call boasts over 200 of the most popular tracks from Final Fantasy history, making it a completely unique but still endlessly playable music game.

The amount of tracks included is just the start of how Theatrhythm Curtain Call improves over its predecessor. There are a couple of new game modes included, as well as over sixty characters to level up (including Barret from Final Fantasy VII). To play, all you need to do it tap the bottom screen in time with the music. It’s very addictive – a nostalgic adventure for fans of the franchise.

From the press release:

“Music is an integral part of the FINAL FANTASY experience that serves as a complement to the gameplay,” said Ichiro Hazama, producer. “As with the previous title, we envisioned a game where the music takes centre stage and the RPG gameplay enhances that experience.  Our fans are definitely in for a treat as they’ll be able to re-experience their favourite songs across the entire FINAL FANTASY catalogue.”

The original Theatrhythm really was a great game, although the expensive DLC and limited amount of tracks from each title meant you had to have a broad love of Final Fantasy games if you wanted to most benefit from it. With so many more options this time around, it seems the problems of the original might have been fixed, and that this time around we’ll get the ultimate celebration of Final Fantasy music.


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