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Saints Row 4 Achievements Leaked

Saints Row 4 is coming out in a few months, and today we got a small hint at what we can expect from the title when it’s released. Although hidden in the Steam client and on the website, you can use SteamDB to go through the Steam registry and find a page for Saints Row Episode 4. In the past few days, the achievements for that game have been added to that database entry.

On top of the usual “complete level X” achievements, there are more than a few for collecting, and several for completing challenges. If you got 100% in Saints Row the Third, you’re probably looking along the same lines for the next one. Level names, including Enter the Dominatrix, may contain vague spoilers, so if you’re going to take a look through the list, do so at your own peril. 

The super powered over-the-top open world Saints Row 4 is due in August this year.

Saints Row 4 Achievements

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