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Goat Simulator Getting Retail Release


Goat Simulator is the latest YouTube sensation in which you, as a goat, must terrorize a small neighbourhood. Known for its mind-bending glitches and general inanity, as a game it sits somewhere alongside Surgeon Simulator in terms of depth. Still, these things can get popular, and so Koch Media, the publisher behind Saints Row, are bringing out a physical release in the UK.

Those that haven’t already bought it via Steam will be able to pick it up wherever quality simulators are available from May 23rd. No word yet on pricing, but you can expect it to be roughly in the same ballpark as the Steam edition, plus packaging costs, shipping, the store’s cut and whatever the publisher takes from it. No mention whether it’ll be a Steam code either, in which case you’ll just end up with a fancy bit of plastic to go with your digital game.

So the best bet, if you’re interested in living the life of a dangerously indestructible little goat, is probably to buy the digital version. If you’re a huge fan and want to take the joke one step further, you’ll be able to go into Maplins or GAME and come out with a fresh copy of Goat Simulator. And I’m sure nothing about that scenario will be unusual.

Goat Simulator comes to stores May 23rd. 


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