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More Thoughts From Me #161: 8-Bit Adventure Nostalgia Overload

Back in the NES days, I wasn’t into rpgs. I played a lot of platformers and action games. And occasionally, I played 8-bit adventure games too. There are three adventure games that I still think about after all these years: Deja Vu, The Uninvited, and Shadowgate. I hadn’t played these games in years, but then I saw a video that showed a collection called 8-Bit Adventure Anthology Vol. 1 that included all of them. I had to have it! So I bought the collection and played these games. I have some thoughts about them, then and now.

I was watching a video by the Happy Console Gamer on YouTube recently. In that video, he mentioned a game called 8-Bit Adventure Anthology Vol. 1. It collected three games that I was very familiar with: The Uninvited, Deja Vu, and Shadowgate. I had to have the collection! So I went onto the Playstation 4’s shop and downloaded it. Here are my thoughts on each game, memories of yesterday and thoughts on playing them again.

The Uninvited

I rented The Uninvited from a video store. I liked the game a lot. I never got too far into Uninvited but I still wanted to own a copy of it anyway.

I looked everywhere for a copy to buy, however I could never find The Uninvited in stores. So I never owned it…

Until now.

The very first game I played in the 8-Bit Adventure Anthology was The Uninvited. It had been forever since I played it. I was hooked right away. I could tell why I wanted to own this game back in the day: The Uninvited  has a spooky story, magic, mystery, items to collect, and puzzles to solve. The game is, without a doubt, still a neat game to play. I love that I finally own a copy of this.

Deja Vu

I bought Deja Vu for the NES. Actually, I’ve bought it a couple of times at least. We had gotten rid of all our old NES games (I know, I know) and many years later, I was able to buy another NES and got a copy of Deja Vu.

I ended up having to take the NES back because it didn’t work right. I think I still have that copy of Deja Vu though, but nothing to play it on.

And then I got the 8-Bit Anthology! The gumshoe noir story is a bit corny now but its gameplay is still fun. Deja Vu is a very special game to me. Just when I think I’m done with it, it pulls me back in.


This one is my least favorite game of this collection, though I still love Shadowgate.

The Uninvited and Deja Vu have a more modern setting than Shadowgate. Instead of cars, dames, and spooky houses, Shadowgate takes place in a mazey dungeon. It could almost be a dungeon crawler if there was actual combat to the game. The closest you get to combat is fending off a dragon with a shield, otherwise the game is focused more on puzzles and collecting items. Its a good game but the setting of Deja Vu and The Uninvited interest me more.

I owned Shadowgate a couple of times just like Deja Vu. Both of those games are very clear in my memory. I still enjoy playing them again though!

Out of all the games, its The Uninvited that I’m excited to play the most. I’m absolutely thrilled to finally own a copy of this game. Meanwhile, its great to revisit Deja Vu and Shadowgate too.

These 8-Bit Adventure games may not be everybody’s cup of tea. I loved them during the NES days. And, amazingly, they are still fun to play!

I do wish I could buy a copy of this on my Switch though. It would be wonderful to play these games on that system…

Even so, I’m glad I bought them for the Playstation 4. Its great to play them again. Thank you Happy Console Gamer (you should totally check out his YouTube channel. Its great).

Do you remember these games? Have you picked up a copy of 8-Bit Anthology Vol. 1?

Next week: Why is Sony skipping E3 this year? My theories and some thoughts on the PS4 and beyond.

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. I finally own The Uninvited!


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