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Gamer2Go Custom Controllers

Recently, got connected with Gamer2Go and were offered a free product, a custom PS4 controller. When the Overwatch themed controller arrived at our door, I was flabbergasted. As these controllers do come from overseas, the wait time for it to arrive was expectedly long, but the second I pulled the cover off the box, I knew the wait was 100% worth it!

Gamer2Go is using 100% new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers when they do their modifications. When your order via their website, you know you are getting authentic controllers that Gamer2Go has personally customized. Not only is the company using the latest, first party technology, but they are also making sure that the controllers you receive are completely updated and ready to go.

For our review unit, we received the Soldier 76 Deluxe controller inspired by Overwatch. Here is what Gamer2Go has to say about this particular design:

Soldier 76 is an elite, highly trained warrior, and so are you. With that said, it only makes sense that you should use a controller at the top of its class. This epic Overwatch controller is the perfect choice for gamers who prefer a cut above average gear. Depend on this beautiful controller to surpass all of your performance and style expectations.

Gamer2Go has the best in the business working on your custom controller, and when you get it in the mail, outside of the design, you wouldn’t be able to separate it from a regular controller. There are no smudged or running colours, all the finishes are smooth and feel great in your hands, and all the separate pieces are secured to the body of the controller as it would be if you were getting on direct form PlayStation themselves. Gamer2Go prides themselves on quality, and it definitely shows.

According to the companies website, each controller takes roughly 10 hours to complete, although there have been cases were the designs were so intricate, that the artist took nearly 20 hours to finish one controller. What does this mean to you the consumer? The people at Gamer2Go know that a custom controller for many people is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase , and making sure that you are 100% happy with your products is their main goal. The fact that the average controller takes 10 hours to complete should tell you something: this company does not cut corners, and is only satisfied with the best finishes.

From our perspective, Gamer2Go is offering custom controllers at a fabulous price, and while you might wait some time for your controller to land on your doorstep, the final product will be completely worth it. We cannot recommend Gamer2Go enough, and strongly suggest that your next custom order goes through them!


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