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Flappy Bird Might Come Back


Surprise, surprise. Flappy Bird, the cultural phenomenon that came and went in just a few short weeks, might be making its way back to the app store. Its creator had originally said he couldn’t handle the sudden fame, although it was estimated that he was racking in tens of thousands of dollars in ad revenue every day. Now, after creating an artificial demand for his game, he’s let the dust settle and is considering bringing it back in the near future.

A little over a month ago,  Dong Nyugen announced that he’d be removing Flappy Bird from the app store. He claimed people were getting addicted, and had done little but complain about the publicity since it had kicked off anyway. He stuck to his work, removing it so that it could no longer be downloaded via official channels. In an interview with Rolling Stone, however, he’s announced that it might not be the last we see of that little red aviator.

Since taking Flappy Bird down, [Nguyen] says he’s felt “relief. I can’t go back to my life before, but I’m good now.” As for the future of his flapper, he’s still turning down offers to purchase the game. Nguyen refuses to compromise his independence. But will Flappy Bird ever fly again? “I’m considering it,” Nguyen says. He’s not working on a new version, but if he ever releases one it will come with a “warning,” he says: “Please take a break.”


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