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The Division 2 Looks to Build on Success

With the upcoming release of The Division 2, many people are looking back and trying to remember what happened to its predecessor. Don’t we all remember having a ton of fun running around an open-world console shooter, grabbing loot and taking down bad guys? The concept was neat, the graphics and animations were smooth and sufficient for its time, and the actual feel of the game was great. So, what happened?

The Division 2 action

End game happened. While The Division was certainly one of the stronger titles released on the current gen consoles, there is no doubt that it was majorly lacking in end game content. I can distinctly recall the hype around the initial release, playing it for hour after hour with my friends until we reached the end game. Once we did, there was a vacuum where action and entertainment once stood. This led to a steep decline in active players, as more and more people were left wanting more content for late game play.

Well, folks, it seems our cries did not fall on deaf ears. The developer of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Massive Entertainment, is already emphasizing the depth of end-game content that it intends to provide players. This is a clear response to the shortcomings of the first title. Now, upon reaching max level (30, at least for now), each character can select one of several specializations including Survivalist, Demolitionist and Sharpshooter. Selecting a specialization will unlock a unique signature weapon and additional skills that will allow you to drastically alter your playstyle.

In addition, The Division 2 will feature various PVP modes that will allow players to earn powerful high-end gear by taking on other players. New Co-Op activitie will also be released, allowing teams of players to embark on some of the greatest challenges the Division has faced yet. These come with the promise of even more content to be released. New missions, maps and features are planned and, at least for the first year, they will be released to all players for free. I am certain there will be full expansions to come later that will be require a purchase to unlock, but knowing at least some content will be given to players for free is a nice touch.

The Division 2 beta

As if this wasn’t exciting enough, players who pre-order The Division 2 now will automatically be invited to the Private Beta, which runs from February 7th-10th. This will include access to two main missions, five side missions, exploration of seven zones, one of three Dark Zones ‘Dark Zone East’, Skirmish PVP mode, three end-game specializations and the ‘Invaded’ end-game mission.

The way this will be handled is quite interesting. For the first day, you will be limited to character level 7 and the beginning missions listed above. After that, the end game is unlocked so you can instantly create a max-level character and play with one of three specializations. This allows for a good mix of gameplay between early progression and end content. I can’t wait!

If you’re thinking about getting the game when it comes out, I highly recommend pre-ordering it now so that you can be one of the first to experience the Private Beta and everything that comes with it!

Look for The Division 2 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on March 15.



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